Microsoft Office 365 backup, SharePoint backup, Exchange backup, OneDrive backup
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Office 365 backup, SharePoint backup, Exchange backup, OneDrive backup

Fast. Automatic. Low price!

Microsoft Office 365 Backup, including SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive

  • Backup data in your entire Microsoft Office 365 domain
  • Quickly restore individual emails, files and sites
  • Meet legal and compliance requirements

Why Microsoft Office 365 backup is important

Have you found any clear SLA covered backup policy from Microsoft on how they will be protecting your data on Office 365, including SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive? No? That's normal, as none of us can find it, like those replies in this discussion thread on Microsoft Tech Community. Therefore, we need a secure backup solution like CloudBacko's Office 365 backup solution to put your Office 365 data under your own control!

Data is not covered by Office 365's SLA

Accidental deletion by user

Ransomware attack

Litigation hold doesn't equal backup

Assuming SaaS Applications Don't Require Backup is Dangerous

Companies deploying SaaS applications (e.g. Office 365) usually assume the service provider has provided enough data protection, and therefore overlook the need for backup. In Gartner's May 2019 report entitled "Assuming SaaS Applications Don't Require Backup is Dangerous" (click here to read the report), they explained the need for backup and to develop an appropriate strategy for each SaaS application are important to businesses. Therefore, if you are using Office 365 Exchange Online email service, backup is a must.

SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive... all supported

Administrator of your company's Office 365 account is able to back up all or selected Office 365 SharePoint, Outlook and OneDrive items, files and folders with our CloudBacko Pro software. For individual Office 365 users, they can use CloudBacko Lite to backup their own data in Office 365. See all the supported Office 365 services at here.

Full mailbox or brick-level backup

CloudBacko enables Office 365 administrators to back up all or selected mailboxes under their accounts with just a few clicks. Besides the full mailbox, you can also backup and restore brick-level items such as emails, contacts, calendars and tasks.

Local and offsite backup to prevent data loss

To avoid disastrous data loss, the best practice is to keep at least 3 copies of your data:

  1. one on your original Office 365 environment;
  2. one to local storage such as a NAS device within your office;
  3. another one to offsite storage, either your FTP/SFTP server or another non-Microsoft cloud storage, as an additional protection.

Other than Microsoft Azure or OneDrive, CloudBacko Pro supports a wide-range other free and paid public cloud storage, such as Amazon S3, AWS compatible storages, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Backblaze, Wasabi, Dropbox, etc. for you to choose.

Secure 256-bit AES encryption

CloudBacko provides unbreakable encryption to your Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive backups, as all the data and filenames will be encrypted with an AES 256-bit truly randomized key. Even a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer needs 3.31 x 1056 years to crack such key. Therefore, hackers will not be able to crack your backed up data on the cloud.

Set it, and forget it

You need a backup solution that can automatically run once or several times a day by itself based on your pre-configured schedule, so that you can restore to the latest version when needed. CloudBacko Pro allows you to define your own schedules to run the Office 365 email backup (e.g. after work everyday).

Keep multiple versions of backup

It's always good to keep mulitple backup versions of your Office 365 backup, so that when you realize it's not the latest backup you want to restore to, you can still choose an earlier version to restore. With CloudBacko Pro's powerful retention policy setup, it is simple and flexible to define various versioning rules to suit your version retention needs.

Restore to original, different 365 domain

Backed up Office 365 data items can be restored to original or different Office 365 domain for migration or disaster recovery purposes.

See CloudBacko's Office 365 backup works

Clear insights and reporting

With CloudBacko Pro's comprehensive reporting tool, it can't be more handy to get clear visibility into the backup details of all destinations, including usage trend, backup and restore reports, log for warnings and errors.

CloudBacko technical support

We've Got Your Back

We offer ticket support service to all paid licenses for the current version and current-1 version. Our professional Customer Support Team is always here to help. Just shoot us a Support Ticket and we will help until your Office 365 backup or restore problem is resolved.


"Recently we started using CloudBacko software which has turned out to be a powerful backup solution in which we will be now offering to all our managed customers."

Adam Maher
CEO of ITC Business Solutions Pty. Ltd.
"I chose Cloudbacko after trialling several similar programs because it was the only one that could effectively backup my large Outlook PST file by Delta block-level increments to Amazon Cloud Drive..."
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Ian McCubbin
Principal of Ian McCubbin & Associates
"Cloudbacko offers great backup options within our customers budget. It also protects their valuable files by auto scheduled backups against ransomware threats."

Co-founder at Esantral Corporation - Turkey
"You have a great straightforward application, I'm glad that I found it."

Sam Gorton
Information Technology Specialist of Quality Structures, Inc.
"When looking for a backup solution for a Linux server, we tried Duplicati, Veeam and a couple others. CloudBacko was the only one that worked as advertised, out of the box."

James Simmons
Keep-in-Touch Systems

Need a white-label backup solution with central management console?

If you are an MSP looking for a white-label backup software with central management for offering managed backup service, we have another backup product here for you.

White-label managed backup solution

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