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CloudBacko v4.5.2.3 released    Details   

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You can try CloudBacko Pro and Lite for free for 30 days. CloudBacko Home and Mobile can be used right away after signing in with your favourite social media account. No credit card or personal information are required. For those who like to upgrade your CloudBacko to the latest version, please click here and read the important notes carefully before upgrade.

CloudBacko App


Step 1:

Tap or scan this QR Code to install CloudBacko App onto your mobile device

Step 2:

Download and install CloudBacko Home onto your home computer

Step 3:

Follow this Quick Start Guide to configure the backup

Step 4:

Backup will run automatically whenever your mobile device is connected to your home Wi-Fi


Valid period:


Quickstart Guide:

Supported platforms:

Android 8 or above
iOS 12 or above

Supported destination:

Selected folder on home PC / Mac

Supported data types:


End User License Agreement: