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Backup to Dropbox

Why use CloudBacko when Dropbox has the backup feature?

First of all, how are you going to back up your Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox / emails, VMware / Hyper-V guest virtual machines, Microsoft Exchange Database, Microsoft SQL Database, etc. to Dropbox automatically and as frequent as you want? CloudBacko is the answer.

Secondly, CloudBacko encrypts all the filenames and contents of your data on your local machine before sending to Dropbox. Besides, it encrypts everything with 256-bit truly randomized encrypting key. Thus, no easily hackable key such as "123", "abc", etc. will be used. With this unique encryption methodology, no one, not even the people from Dropbox, is able to know what you have backed up.

Thirdly, with CloudBacko, you're able to combine multiple Dropbox accounts into one! Just create as many Dropbox accounts and then combine them together. You can also choose to combine Dropbox with other free cloud storage such as Google Drive and OneDrive. Thus, you can essentially get unlimited cloud backup storage, for free.

Besides, CloudBacko gives you much flexible retention policy, i.e. you can keep locally deleted files on Dropbox for as long as you need. Whereas in Dropbox, the retention period for deleted files is very limited.

Moreover, CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite can automate everything. Once set up, backup will be run automatically based on preset schedules. It also has many built-in features that handle the scheduling, retention and versioning, security, speed optimization, incremental backup, data integrity, reporting, etc.

All these are the values that CloudBacko provides so that you don't need your IT staff to write your own backup scripts. All the scripts, the functions and features you need are all included in CloudBacko. Check out all the listed features.

Why Dropbox?

You can get maximum 2GB of free storage space. You can always pay to get more storage. It is popular and many small and medium businesses have already adopted it. Check out their website for more benefits.

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