Secure 256-bit military-grade data encryption | CloudBacko
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CloudBacko v4.3.0.23 released    Details   

Secure 256-bit military-grade data encryption

Both CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite allow you to securely encrypt your data with military grade unhackable 256-bit AES encryption.

Data encrypted locally before transmission

AES, DESede, Twofile algorithm at your choice

ECB, CBC encryption method at your choice

File and folder names also encrypted

Unique encryption key per backup set

User will be prompted to save encryption key

When a backup set is created, user will be prompted whether to encrypt the backup set or not. If yes, user can choose to use Default or Custom encryption type. For the Default type, CloudBacko will automatically generate a 256-bit full length encryption key for the user, and prompt the user to save this key securely for future use. For Custom encryption type, user can define the parameters shown in the screen below.