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The Best Cloud Backup Software
Backup VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, MySQL, & Files to
China Telecom
Cloud Drive
Cloud Storage
Google Drive
For Business
Local Drive
Network Share

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Need a bullet-proof cloud / online / offsite / remote backup solution for backing up your servers and workstations? CloudBacko is your only choice!

True 256-bit encryption

It is the only backup solution that can encrypt everything with a 256-bit truly randomized key, including all the data and filenames. No lazy encrypting keys such as "abc123" or "123456" will be used.


Your data will be unbreakable, as even a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer needs 3.31 x 1056years to crack such key. No one, not even NSA, is able to read your data. Your data are encrypted to the maximum extent.

Backup VMs, databases, & workstations
Run VMs directly from backup

Need a cloud / online / offsite / remote / local backup solution for backing up Microsoft Exchange Server (EDB and mail level backups), Microsoft SQL Server, VMware vSphere ESXi (both Paid and Free versions), Hyper-V, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Oracle Database, MySQL, Windows System, Windows System State, as well as Files in desktops and laptops? CloudBacko supports them all:


Zero data loss with multi-destination cloud & local backup

Need to keep multiple copies of backup at various local and offsite locations to prevent data loss disaster from happening? CloudBacko can do it by concurrent or sequential backup of your data to multiple destinations, including Aliyun, Amazon S3, AWS compatible storages, China Telecom CTYun, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive / OneDrive for Business, OpenStack, Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox, FTP / SFTP sites, external USB drive, and local / mapped network drives.

Guaranteed recovery

With our backup data integrity ensuring technology, restore drill test can be frequently run to ensure the restorability of your backed up data.

Keeping unlimited versions forever

You are able to define flexible versioning rules to keep the historical versions of your data. If you need to keep more recent versions and fewer over time, it can be easily achieved through the retention policy setup. Those versions can be kept forever if needed.

Clear insights and reporting

With CloudBacko's reporting tool, you can get crystal clear visibility into the backup details of all destinations, including usage trend, backup and restore reports, log for warnings and errors, etc.

Lightning fast for large data

CloudBacko is one of the fastest cloud / online / offsite / remote / local backup software available in the market because of its built-in speed boosting technologies, e.g. multi-thread, In-File Delta block-level incremental backup, configurable compression, etc. For example, backing up a 500GB Microsoft Exchange Server EDB or a 1TB VMware ESXi virtual machine to the cloud can be easily finished overnight.

Easy to use
No training required

CloudBacko comes with the most intuitive user interface that is so easy to use. No training will be required to get started. Whenever you need assistance, the Help button on each page gives you the answer right away.

Continuous backup
in the background

Once configured, CloudBacko will keep backing up your data in the background continuously. When your computer is busy with high CPU usage or network traffic, backup will automatically be paused so as not to affect the computer's performance.

Support Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Got machines with different operating platforms to backup? CloudBacko can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, thus allowing you to backup all your machines with the same solution.

Backup Android and iOS devices

CloudBacko Mobile can back up user generated contents, including photo, video, contact, voice*, message*, bookmark*, and WhatsApp* to Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. (* Android only)

Online File Backup Service

Choosing what service or method to use for creating data backup can be too overwhelming, however, CloudBacko gives you peace of mind with the best Google cloud storage service, Amazon cloud backup and FTP backup software! CloudBacko is integrated with innovative incremental hot backup technology, which gives you super fast Google backup services along with Amazon and FTP backup. This way, you get the fastest speed while your data is under aggressive protection protocols. Moreover, CloudBacko eliminates any chances of data loss by backing it up simultaneously in multiple locations! Get CloudBacko today and ensure fast and safe backups for your precious data!

Free software update forever!

The price of CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite already includes free unlimited software updates within the same version. CloudBacko Free will also frequently update with the latest features.

See why they like CloudBacko

Jack Bloom

My friend advised me to use CloudBacko and I am inclined to say that I will never regret the decision I made to use it. CloudBacko is and the ideal cloud backup software that is intended for backing up both, virtual and physical servers securely.

Sarah Dylan

Security and privacy of my personal documents were the main concerns for which I used CloudBacko. It is the only remote backup solution which also encrypts file names! I was very amazed. I would recommend all those people who really need a high level of security to make use of CloudBacko.

Jennifer Blue

This software is good and the merchandise gets high marks for effortlessness of use.

Ben Brick

I needed to keep numerous copies of backup at a variety of local and offsite places to put off data loss tragedy from taking place. CloudBacko fulfilled this wonderfully, by concurrent and sequential backup of my data to a number of destinations. Thank you CloudBacko.

Jane Wangle

I made use of CloudBacko Lite for the workstations at my office. It is incorporated with helpful as well as simple to use features, which back up files, Lotus Notes, in addition to, the Windows system, of our workstations.